How much downtime is acceptable downtime

How much downtime is acceptable downtime?

There are two ways to answer this question – The right answer and the logical answer. The right answer is obviously no downtime, but is it viable?

Can a site have 0% downtime?

This is not a possibility. There can be absolutely no way a site can have a consistent 100% up-time. Even though sites can strive to completely eliminate unplanned downtime’s, there will be those unavoidable circumstances where your site has to go for maintenance or upgrades during which your customers have to face the infamous 404 page.

The best sites in the world face downtimes. Their horror stories are going to be constantly etched in the minds of these big players.

  • Amazon, the mother-ship of all sites had some really embarrassing situations when their site and their AWS services both experienced significant downtime, as a result of which many sites that were under the Amazon cloud took a hit as well.
  • Last year, Yahoo faced over four days of downtime when no user was able to access any mails on Yahoo, that forced the CEO Marissa Mayer to issue an apology to the customers.

The infamous Google story

Everybody knows the famous Google story when faced a downtime of 10 minutes in 2012. The entire internet went into a frenzy, people started doing mad calculations and making assumptions before Google reinstated services and people became regular humans again.

Google’s losses due to those 10 minutes of downtime was calculated to be roughly $725,000 (exclusive of taxes).


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