Why we chose to make webhooks the first integration feature?

We have now started integrations with webhooks. Yes, webhooks is the first feature of insping under integrations category.

So, why did we choose webhooks as first integration?

In fact we have a lot more integration and features in queue but we have prioritized the webhooks as the first. There are strong reasons behind this decision.

Lets recollect the motto behind insping product. Insping is a web monitoring tool. The primary goal of which is instant downtime alerts. As a basic feature we have e-mail alert notifications. E-mail notifications are targeted to people. By e-mail we are notifying people but not the other systems or applications. Only few apps such as help desks can take email as a trigger. But not many apps can do this, and it will be difficult to build or modify app to gather information from an e-mail when compared to doing it via a  http call.

So email notifications are just not enough. We need an efficient way to send down time alerting information to other apps. Webhooks is the best way to do this. They are nearly instant, asynchronous and retryable. Any app can easily implement webhook handling just with a http handler. Since trigger from insping is via http post, it is almost instant. One more advantage is webhooks will be retried if insping does not receive proper response from the target app. So even if the target app is unable to handle the requests for some time, it will be notified on subsequent retries.

Because of these good reasons we have prioritized, built and delivered the webhooks feature as first integration.

By using webhooks feature of insping, you can get down time information in your own application even if it is custom-built. All this  just by opening a http gate to feed critical down time information.

We can actually do a lot more things using webhooks data. For example, you may want to check some logs, services status, resource usage metrics of your own server once your application or website goes down. You may not be able to connect to your server as soon as application goes down. So you can setup a simple http handler to do this. The http post will trigger appropriate commands on server and send information to appropriate people. This information will be useful for debugging.

Looking for a quick fix when your site goes down? Our webhooks can even help you restart your web server when the site goes down. This may be temporary solution for you to bring your application back online on every down time.

And here’s an additional bonus with the webhooks feature. Insping can now easily connect to wide variety of internet application through Zapier. Zapier will allow you to connect your apps together. Zapier already has a large number of applications. For example we can create issues in JIRA or tickets in help desks on every down time alert.


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