Now Insping free plan includes webhooks and SMS Alerter, credit goes to zapier

Yes this credit goes to zapier only.

Insping is providing a Free plan to support smaller businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and personal bloggers. Free plan can be used to monitor uptime and performance of  up to 2 URL/websites but it wasn’t included integrations like webhooks and twilio SMS/Text Alerters.

Today zapier approved the insping app. And now insping is listed in zapier’s App Directory globally.

zapier is really cool and great platform for integrating and connecting internet applications together. With this we can get insping alerts in number of internet application easily. By just creating a zap, you can get insping alerts(uptime or downtime) in your favorite applications.

This is very use full for insping users. But we realized that all this awesomeness is not available for Free users. Because zapier integration works on top of webhooks which is not available in Free plan.

Why can’t we give limited integrations to Free plan users?

So we made the decision to add webhooks and SMS Alerter to Free plan.

This is the story behind this good decision.

So ultimately all the credit goes to zapier.


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