New European monitoring server

Insping is steadily growing as a reliable web monitoring service. Today we are adding a new monitoring server(we call it as edge center) in Europe region.

What is the actual effect?

The first advantage is improved reliability and avoiding false positives.

By this launch we will change edge center/location of some accounts to this new edge center. So the source IP of monitoring requests might change and you may need to update your firewall rules accordingly.

From now when we detect high load/error rate, We will change edge center/location of some selected accounts which does not have a fixed edge center preference(Plus or higher plan users can request for a fixed edge center preference).

We request you to update your firewall rules to allow the following IPs which we are using for our servers. The first two are the existing IPs (which you might have already whitelisted) and the third one is our new IP.



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