Insping announces a new monitoring server!

From humble beginnings of having a few customers to growing steadily to be on the map as a reliable web monitoring service, we at Insping have come a long way.

We owe a lot of our success to you, our loyal customers for having believed in us and stood by us through this one year journey. We believe that with such growth, comes a lot of responsibility to provide a world class product that meets your exact needs.

We take great pride to announce that we have added a new monitoring server to enhance your monitoring services as well as to provide more security and to enhance your experience with Insping.

The new update provides

  1. Higher reliability and robustness
  2. Added security
  3. Well-rounded monitoring for your websites, APIs, and lots more

With this update, we request you to update your firewall rules to allow the following IPs which we are using for our servers. The first one is the existing IP (which you might have already whitelisted) and the second is our new IP.


Please do add the two to your whitelist (if required) and enjoy the Insping experience.


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