Happy 2015 – Great Start with Free Monitoring

Basic Plan – Start Monitoring 2 URLs for FREE

The Basic Plan, is going to be absolutely free! Why this sudden move? We, at Insping, believe that nurturing smaller businesses is what makes a better tomorrow. And the Free Plan is going to do just that by helping more non-profit organizations, educational institutions, personal bloggers, start-ups and many more small and mid business. Please spread this to make a better tomorrow. Get started with Insping now.

Product Updates

Check Performance Report

The check performance report helps you validate your website performance easily using website response times. You can now assess the maximum, minimum and average response times for various periods such as the last 24 hours or week or even month.

Check Availability Report

Check availability report is one of the most important report in Insping. Using this report, you will be able to get availability details such as up-time percentage, downtime percentage, total number of outages and total outage durations. Additionally, you can filter these data with various periods such as the last 24 hours or week or month.

Oh, and one last thing!

We have more tools under production, those that will help you measure your website performance and status. Follow our blog or social media pages to get instant updates!

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