Why is my site having a downtime

Why is my website having a downtime?

There are various reasons why your site could be having a downtime.

A programming error

More often that not, downtime’s are a result of bad code. When there are tons of lines of code going into website, there are chances that a couple of odd mistakes here and there may get missed out. But, they will certainly reflect on the output and hence, an outage.

Data center issues

Most websites work off one or more specific data centers which are also prone to issues. If something happens to your data center like a natural disaster, obviously the sites hosted on your data center will be impacted.

Server overload or server crashes

Web servers are also prone to crashes, thanks to some issues at the server end or due to an overload of traffic onto your website. Most eCommerce vendors face such problems, especially during their festival sales in the holiday season.

“Companies during Cyber Monday lose $8,000 for every minute the integrity of the site is compromised.”

Sites that have been compromised

When your site has undergone a hacker attack or a cyber crime related issue, it could face downtime’s. Hackers sometimes overload a site with dummy traffic or add malicious lines of code to ensure your sites face downtime’s. (Don’t worry, this is rare.)

Planned maintenance

Sometimes sites themselves have maintenance periods during which the site is down. Unless the site clearly communicates that using a 404 page, customers are going to assume the site has gone for a toss.

DNS Errors

Every website is connected to a specific DNS address. It is like your phone number. When you change it, sometimes people still call you on your old phone and receive no response. Similarly when sites change their DNS or it has expired, it will return ‘Unknown host’ as a response, hence representing a downtime.

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